What are the LifeStyle Business Mobile App

For a smooth functioning of a business, you all know the important role that your apps have over getting it working. Lifestyle business is not trailing when we compare it with other businesses, and there are few apps that have come up recently that are user friendly based on their cultural impact and how they resonate. Let’s have a look at the few lifestyle apps that can make a change into your business.lifestyle and mobile .jpg

Fitness Pal: 

This is a simple app that can keep track of all your nutrition and diet and help you stay in shape. It can track your food consumption as it can scanned, checked the database of food that you submit and provides an input therein.


This is one app where you could market your products and at the same time buy them at a good rate. With eBay going in as an app, you can now track on bids and keep constant eye on the items you sell and want to buy.

Open Table:

This app is basically for foodies who actually wants to discover and reserve restaurants and all for free! You can search by meal time, get reviews, cuisine directions etc.It gives you a series of options on what you are looking for with GPS directions, restaurants nearby, neighborhood and cuisines.

Red laser:

This is a price comparison app that features bar-code scanning which is incredible to use. All you have to do is point the camera to the bar-code, and that’s it, it called up price comparisons for the product.


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